The incision for the direct anterior hip is made in the flexion crease. The incision is in-line with the location of a standard bikini and is approximately 3-4 inches in length. Cosmetically, it is nearly undetectable at 6 months post op in the majority of patients. It is most commonly performed in female patients (of any age), however it may also be done in most males as well.

Contraindications include morbid obesity (BMI>35), significant joint deformity, prior longitudinal (standard anterior incision), and revision hip surgery. The operative time is similar to the standard direct anterior approach. Hospital stay is 1-2 nights (dependent on type of anesthesia chosen and co-morbidities).

There are few surgeons using this approach as there is a learning curve. At UAB, the approach has been used successfully for years. All patients are not candidates for this incision; however this may be discussed with Dr. Siegel at the time of your physical examination.