Blood Conserving Technology: Aquamantys

The Aquamantys™ System (Medtronic) is designed to seal blood vessels in soft tissue and bone during a wide variety of surgical procedures in order to reduce blood loss and the risks associated with transfusion. This easy to use system works by combining a bipolar electrosurgical generator with a rotary peristaltic pump to provide simultaneous delivery of radio-frequency energy and saline when used with Aquamantys hand-held disposable devices. The saline cools the tissue as it is treated and evenly conducts the energy into the tissue to seal blood vessels. The best blood management strategy is to prevent bleeding, not respond to it. Medtronic Medical devices are designed to prevent bleeding by hemostatically sealing soft tissue and bone. Results from utilizing Medtronic's technology include:

  • Overall bleeding cut by 50%
  • Hemoglobin/hematocrit drop decreased by 50%
  • Percent of patients transfused reduced by 67%
  • Number of units transfused reduced by 75%
  • Drainage volume reduced by 67%
  • Less pain and swelling, potentially leading to greater range of motion
A conductive fluid is infused at the point of tissue contact and keeps the tissue temperatures around 100ºC. This results in a much lower temperature than when using dry electrosurgery which can reach temperatures in excess of 300ºC. Tissue sealing, which stops the bleeding, is accomplished by shrinking the naturally-occurring collagen found in tissue vasculature.

Not only is this a quick and easy way to stop blood loss, but it avoids burning the tissue, eliminates smoke in the operating room, and the device does not stick to the tissue (which can inadvertently create more bleeding).