Direct Anterior Hip Approach

This is a tissue sparing alternative to traditional total hip surgery that has the potential for less pain, faster recovery, and improved mobility because the muscles and tendons are not cut during the surgical procedure. By keeping the muscles intact, there is a less of a chance of hip dislocation. The surgeon uses one small incision on the front of the hip as opposed to the side or the back. Since the incision is in the front, the patient avoids the pain of sitting on the surgical site. A bikini type incision may also be made to hide the surgical scar if the patient desires an improved cosmetic appearance. The incision is made in the flexion crease of the hip and is nearly invisible by six months post operation.

After the surgery, there are no movement or weight bearing restrictions for the majority of the patients. The hospitalization is generally 1-2 days and minimal physical therapy is required. Since not all patients are candidates for this approach, it is extremely important that one sees an experienced surgeon for consultation prior to proceeding. This approach is associated with potential complications which may be limited in experienced hands.